UNESCO Contributions

Sorbonne, Latin Quarter

University of Paris

UDHR Contributions

The following contributors to the drafting sessions of the UDHR were invited by UNESCO in 1947 to submit relfections on the state of the world, and the possibility of a new Bill of Rights for the human race.  The responsed of these contributors illustrates the complex and, at times, problematic notion of a universal Bill of Rights that could be adopted by various nations of divergent and opposing ideologies.


"The Rights of Man and the Facts of the Human Situation"


"Towards a Bill of Rights for the United Nations"


"Reflections on Some Declarations of the Rights of Man"


Gandhi's brief and insightful letter to Julian Huxley


"The Future of Liberalism" (translated from the Italian)


Questions put to the 

Delegates & Scholars


"Human Rights in the Chinese Tradition": A Confucian Approach


"Human Rights & the

Islamic Tradition"


Statistics and data for First Session of UNESCO 1946

List of Contributions to the UNESCO symposium (1947)

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Jacques Maritain

Philosopher, French Ambassador to the Holy See


Letter to the Director-General of UNESCO

Mahatma Gandhi


The Rights of Man

Edward H. Carr

Author & Professor of International Politics, University College of Wales


A Fragment of Thought Concerning the Nature and Fulfillment of Human Rights

Arnold J. Lien

Professor, Washington University (St Louis)


Human Rights in the World Today

Luc Somerhausen

Director of the Secretariat of the Senate, Brussels


The Philosophic Bases and Material Circumstances of the Rights of Man

Richard P. McKeon

Distinguished Service Professor of Philosophy & Greek,

University of Chicago


Material Security and Spiritual Liberty

Don Salvador de Madariaga

Ambassador of Spain to the UK


On Human Rights

John Lewis,

Editor of the Modern Quarterly


Towards a Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Harold J. Laski

Professor of Political Science,

University of London


The Future of Liberalism

Benedetto Croce



Reflections on Some Declarations of the Rights of Man

J. Haesaert

Professor, University of Ghent


Some Reflections on the Rights of Man

P. Teilhard de Chardin, S.J


The Rights of Man in Liberalism, Socialism & Communism

Sergei Hessen

Philosopher & Professor at the University of Lods


Relationship Between Different Theories of Human Rights

Quincy Wright

Professor of International Law, University of Chicago


Comparison of Soviet & Western Democratic Principles, with Special Reference to Human Rights

John Somerville

Professor of Philosophy, Hunter College, NY


Reflections on Human Rights

Kurt Riezler

Philosophy Professor, University of Chicago


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