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ENGL 1100 (Intro to University Writing)

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Monday May 1st 2021


Monday May 1st 2021

Welcome to the course page students!  I am looking forward to working with you this summer term.  Lesson materials are posted in the lesson bars below; you can also access the student forum by clicking the blue button below, where conversations and live chat take place.  Looking forward to working with you and getting to know you all!  Steve

Lesson Materials

Lessons Week 1

Welcome to our course students! The assignments for this course are as follows: (a) 2 weekly quizes (accessed through the online "Forensic Writing" text); (b) 2 essays. The first essay is on media bias, and will be in APA. The second (and final) essay will be on "human rights" and will be an MLA essay. Pay careful attention to the formatting instructions for these essays; most students who "fail" the essays do so because they haven't followed the formating and structure guidance properly. This week: 1. Click on the course textbook (black button above this section). 2. Read the resources for weeks 1 and 2: lesson, resource, and notes. When you feel ready, you can try both quizzes (although you might want to wait until we havee covered all the information in the forum!) I will post help and further guidance in the forum, where you can also chat and ask questions! See you over in the forum ;) Steve

Lesson Week 2

Materials for each week are available for access during the week they are offered.

Lesson Week 3

Materials for each week are available for access during the week they are offered.

Lesson Week 4

Starting this week (May 25th) our lessons will resum in the 'Knowledge' section of your eText. The eText button on your dashboard will take you directly to this section of the eText. You can also navigtae back to eText Forensic Writing homepage by clicking on the Forensic Writing blue button at the top of the page. We will be completing sections 1 and 2 of the knowledge section this week, which deals with word choice and fallacies.

Lesson Week 5

Week 5 materials are now available in the Knowledge section of your eText. There are 3 units to complete this week: 3, 4, and 5. However, you only need to complete the quizzes for units 3 and 4. Unit 3 is a basic unit on how to conduct internet research using Boolean hot keys; unit 4 is a reiteration and further analysis of correct paragraph formatting and word choice. You should get through both these units quickly, although the resource for week 4 is quite long, you should read and study the whole thing as this will help you later. Unit 5 is on assumptions and "reading between the lines." This is the most important unit for the week, so do spend a bit of time with this material. I will be going over this material in our weekly zooms which are posted in the forum. Please note that you first essays are all due by Wednesday, and as explained, I am unable to look at any further drafts this week.

Lesson Week 6

Good morning students; This is our final week of formal learning (the course ends next week with the submission of your final paper). The final unit and quiz can be found in the Value section at the bottom of your forensic eText page. You can go directly to the unit by clicking on this link: The lesson material button will take you to a values page, with key terms that should know in order to complete the quiz at the end of the unit. I will discuss this material and quiz during our Thursday zoom. As explained, Tuesday zooms are dedicated to the 3 different essay topics: Topic: Human Rights Zoom Time: Jun 8, 2021 10:00 AM Vancouver
Topic: True & Platonic Love Zoom Time: Jun 8, 2021 10:30 AM Vancouver
Topic: Post-secondary Education Time: Jun 8, 2021 11:00 AM Vancouver Resources and information about the final MLA essay will be posted in the forum throughout the day.

Lesson Week 7

Good morning students; This is our last week! An invitation to our final zoom is posted in the forum; The link to upload your essay (due June 16 and 12 noon) is now open at the top of your dashboard; Please spend a moment to fill out the course evaluation on your MyTRU page. Password: 62kzft Many thanks!

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