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It is compatible with the entire Synology lineup of NAS, switches, and routers. Camera License Packs are intended to be a solution for embedded surveillance. Using the E-License, operators can upload video streams from the cameras into their Synology NAS for real-time monitoring. They can also use the E-License to edit the video, perform manual alerts, and communicate with devices to control those. Licenses include: E-License Pack for Camera E-License Pack for Audio E-License Pack for I/O module X-License Pack for Camera X-License Pack for Audio X-License Pack for I/O module References Category:Computer networking Category:Video surveillance Category:Networking hardwareLONDON (Reuters) - The death toll in the Grenfell Tower disaster rose to 79 on Wednesday, with British authorities launching a formal criminal investigation into the catastrophe. The fire broke out on the 24th floor of the building on June 14, trapping residents including dozens of children in their bedrooms and turning parts of the building into a “huge inferno”. “On the afternoon of 14 June the fire brigade was called at 12.21pm to a fire alarm on the fourth floor,” London Fire Brigade said in a statement. “It took 17 minutes to get the first fire crew to the fire. As they arrived the fire was already beginning to spread to the sixth floor and was declared a major incident. “Firefighters worked hard to bring the fire under control and worked to save lives. The fire continued to spread in the early hours of 15 June, and despite firefighters’ heroic efforts, the fire was declared to be out of control at 2.17am on 15 June. “At this point, Grenfell Tower was already a huge inferno and firefighters worked to put it out to protect lives, while carrying out the painstaking task of locating the people in the building.” More than 700 people have been displaced and police say there are 379 people in hospital. Prime Minister Theresa May was due to address the nation on Wednesday afternoon. Her spokesman said May would “make a full statement to the House later today”. The British government has acknowledged that “well over 80” people have died. It said it was important to establish the facts and procedures relating to the fire in order




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