Forensic Writing & Research 2020 is your gateway to the Rebus eHub of forensic writing and research resources, lesson notes, addditional chapters, extensions, and much more.


In this day an age, critical thinking an analysis is seriously under threat in our education system.  All too often, we are content to give complex and nuanced perspectives and claims little more than a cursory inspection.


Forensic Writing & Research 2019 aims to addess this situation--or least do what we can to help!   Our eHub provides students with a broad range of resources to help them develope and enhance the much-needed skills so very much under threat today.


This eText contains a grammar and syntax guide, which lies at the heart and root of what was once known as rhetoric in the liberal arts tradition.


Additional resources and chapters for the eText are available on the eHub once you have purchased the eText.

Forensic Writing & Research

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  • PDF file, 107 introductory pages, plus 200+ pages of resources and materials on the eHub.

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