Not all research involves simply reading!  Sometimes, research (especially of the qualitative kind) involves piecing together physical evidence, such as photographs, artefacts, and non-written clues to produce a result. 

In this exercise, you will be something of a detective, trying to identify the location of an accident.  Below are some clues to help you pinpoint the exact location of the accident on Google maps.


In April of 2019, a semi truck lost control on a rural road in the US.  It skidded off the highway and plowed into a nearby house, totally destroying it.  

A local news channel reported on the accident from the scene of the flattened house.  Thankfully, nobody was injured in the accident.

By chance, Google Maps passed by the house just a month later before the house had been rebuilt or the debris of the accident cleared.  The demolished house is on Google maps!


Your task is to find the destroyed house on Google maps using the qualitative clues below.  When you have found the house, copy the URL of the google map location and enter it in your form below.

STEP ONE: Watch the news clip below.  Pay attention to location names, features, adjacent buildings, etc.

STEP TWO: Locate the house on Google Maps.

STEP THREE: using Google street view, turn in the direction of the house.

STEP FOUR: Cut/copy the URL of the street view of the house, and submit it in the form below.

Exhibit: Video & Audio

Found the image?  Great!

Once you have located the house on street view, copy and paste the URL of the street view (not simp