An academic summary is a short, precise account of a longer work.  Its purpose is to enable your reader to quickly and accurately get an overview of a longer work you which to represent.

Summaries sever several purposes: 

(1) Explaining a source/text: focusses on the context of a source (background, meaning, purpose);

(2) Reducing a source/text: focusses on a selection of parts of a text which illustrate its themes or sub-themes;

(3) Analyzing a source/text: a critical report or summary with a critical analysis.

It is therefore very important that a summary is objective, concise, accurate, and focussed.


In understanding a text or source, an author or reviewer needs to do more than simply repeat things said in a source.  Very often, the context of a source or text is just as important (if not more so!) as the text itself.


Your task is to identify the restaurant, the show it is featured in, and when this all took place.

STEP ONE: Watch the video below.  Take comprehensive notes.  This will be key in putting together your summary report.

STEP TWO: Identify the restaurant, its location, and the show it is being featured on.  In order to do this properly, you will have to listen very carefully to some subtle clues and broaden your search beyond what is seen in the video.

STEP THREE: When you have the following information, you should complete the form below.  In order to comlpete the form properly, you will need to know: (a) the name of the show; (b) where and when it took place; (c) what happended to the restaurant after the show.

Exhibit: Video & Audio

Ready to file your report?

Once you have identified the restaurant and its location, researched the show it is featured on and when you should complete the following form below.

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