Value Unit 04


The interpretation of texts is called hermeneutics and this is a key skill in critical reading and writing.  When interpreting texts, we are looking to understand two things: what is stated, and what is not stated but implied by what is stated.  What is implied is called an assumption.

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Kinds of Interpretation

One of the tasks of hermeneutics is to consider what the text implies.  This consideration takes on three common forms: hypotheses, recapitulations, and assumptions.  Use the table below to familiarize yourself with the different types:



Physical Research

One of the main tasks of critical writing and critical reading is to identify all of the key features of a text, in order to fully understand it.


One of the tools we can use to help us hone our critical thinking skills is to engage in “physical research.”  This is the kind of research whereby you are not reading a text, but looking at pictures or data, and then trying to find the location, features, or map identity of a physical location.


Click on the link below to access the physical location exercise.  Once you have identified the location, you will be asked to submit the URL of the street view of the house in question.

Further Reading

Critical Thinking


Critical Thinking