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Welcome to Rebus Education!  We are currently updating our website to bring you new features and resources and will be launching exciting new opportunities soon.  Use the links below to send us an inquiry, or subscribe here for updates >

Rebus Community schooling

The nature of education is changing, the world over and in our nation.  We are building a community of highly-specialized, like-minded professionals and communities that want to be part of something better for our youth and children.

We are putting together resources and personnel to address the needs of our time, including in-person and online education for students, and training, support, and information for parents.

We welcome inquiries from parents and educational experts.  

Use the links below to get in touch with us!

The quality of our education systems depends on our understanding of personhood

Our concept of what it means to be a person directly impacts on the related notions of justice, culture, history, and so much more.  As our concept of person goes, so goes society and its educational structures.

We hope to encourage a new dialogue about personhood, and to provide the educational resources to support this crucial task of our age.

Our website is currently being updated; please use the forms above to stay in touch.

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